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StrikeTec sensors will revolutionize the fitness industry and bring forth recognition to boxing as an unprecedented fitness routine. It’s time to get #sensoredup and #boxforfitness!

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The MOTi

StrikeTec is the first fitness sensor in the world to fit all types of workouts. It’s more than a sensor, it’s a fitness MOTi. Health isn’t a routine, it’s a living, breathing, evolving progression. Now, there is a wearable sensor that can grow and progress with you- workout to workout, sport to sport.

live stats

Live Stats allow you to track and monitor the speed, force, and number of punches thrown as you’re working out. Review punch statistics and make adjustments with your trainer without any downtime. This maximizes your workouts and enables you to exceed your fitness goals.

track progress

Keep track of your training and progress, evaluate your strengths, and easily determine where you can make improvements. Once you incorporate StrikeTec into your fitness routine, you will take your workouts to a whole new level.

“Share screen shots of your live training screens, results screens, and progress screens.  Then challenge your friends to beat your total punch count, max punch force, and max speed!”

Health isn’t a routine, it’s a living, breathing, evolving progression.

— Wes Elliott, CEO —

How it works

StrikeTec specializes in movement tracking. It knows every movement your hands are making while you are training.

We have spent years using technology to understand for Kickboxers, MMA athletes, Fitness Enthusiast, and coaches of all skill levels. Now StrikeTec has a system that can track:

  • Punch Speed (MPH)
  • Punch Force (Lbs of Force – LBF)
  • Punch Type
  • Punch Count
  • Track Progress to get best results
  • Synthesized Punch data
  • Share workouts and progress via Email, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Cloud Data Storage in Calendar

StrikeTec allows the athlete to tell if his/her punches are faster and/or harder. An athlete or coach can use the boxing app to determine whether technique is improving.  Technique is not only dependent on speed and force, but also on punch rotation and technique.  The user can track progress between- Day/Week/Month/Year.

The StrikeTec system can be used in a variety of ways depending on the software that is downloaded. The tracked data can range from a simple count of punches & calories burned for a quick fitness routine to a thorough training session that tracks every detail about each punch.


What our Clients say

  • My name is Daniel Powell but everybody calls me “DP”. I started boxing as an amateur, and am now a two time Golden Glove Champion in South Carolina. I turned Pro in 2012 and have a record of 9 fights, with 8 knockouts, and zero loss. I train six times a week and StrikeTec has improved my performance. These sensors give me an objective view on how my strength, speed, and punch count progress throughout my workouts!

    — Daniel Powell —
  • I am a professional mixed martial artist, so it’s no secret I’m always looking for an edge, with EFD Striketec I’ve finally found it. I’ve always wondered if my strength and speed in my punches are improving and which punches are the bread winners- I mean let’s be honest all of this training is to improve those facets, but how do we really know? Striketec that’s how! I’m thankful for this technology because I’m constantly getting pushed and getting better with concrete facts, not to mention these gloves are comfortable and durable. Thank you EFD for giving me an edge and making training that much more fun with being able to track my progress. Complete game changer!

    — Tony Kelley —
  • I am a 4th degree black belt, an Olympic TKD US National Qualifier, and have been training for over 35 years. Striketec re-energized our workouts, and for the first time gave us real objective data on our performance (strength, speed, punch numbers, etc.) that we can use to not only gauge our workouts, but push us for better performance through verifiable statistics. This tool MOTIVATES. This could be a real game-changer!

    — Paul Harmon, Charlotte, North Carolina —

System Overview

This is what Fitness Fanatics, Boxers, Kickboxers, MMA athletes, personal trainers and coaches of all skill levels have been waiting for.

StrikeTec allows the user to tell if his/her punches are faster and/or harder. The user can also self-determine or have a coach determine if their technique is improving, dependening on the rotation of punches thrown. The user can track progress between- Day/Week/Month/Year and that is only the beginning of what StrikeTec will offer.

The StrikeTec Boxing Training App is designed to capture personal training & sparring statistics to help the user track and measure their training routine from a smart phone, tablet, and a PC. The user’s data will be tracked LIVE and synced with a Cloud server to allow the user to store the data for future review.


For Athletes

  • View real time training Info
  • Instant Punch results on your Smart phone or Tablet
  • Calories Burned
  • Post workouts and progress to Facebook and/or Twitter
  • Compare and Compete with other users on social media
  • Review current results to compare with previous results
  • Determine fatigue / endurance levels

For Coaches

  • View detailed training results
  • View daily/weekly/monthly progress
  • View Punch Specific data
  • Track your athletes’ workout intensity
  • Determine athletes’ fatigue
  • Monitor multiple athletes
  • Adjust training regimen based on performance

This information becomes useful when the user needs to keep motivation to see results. If the user hasn’t had the progress they have expected, the coach can notify them to change up the workout routine. The StrikeTec system can be used in a variety of ways depending on the software that the user downloads. The data tracked can range from a simple count of punches & calories burned for a quick fitness routine to a thorough training session that tracks every detail about each punch. Whether you are new to fitness or a pro-fighter, StrikeTec is designed to help you achieve all your goals. Knowledge is power, and StrikeTec gives you everything you need to know to succeed.


We capture every punch.  EFD Sensors capture and relay punch type, punch count, punch force, and punch speed in real time.

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